According to the Government page of the City of San Fernando, San Fernando Proper is strategically located at the heart of Central Luzon. One has to pass through the city to be able to go to any provinces from all directions, be it north in Tarlac and Pangasinan, west in Bataan and Zambales, east in Nueva Ecija and south in Bulacan on to Metro Manila. Thus, it has established its role as the regional growth center, the center of commerce and trade of the region. The commercial/business center of the city goes as far as the stretch of City of San Fernando proper to barangay Sindalan, about 8 kilometers in length and the Gapan¬San Fernando-Olongapo (GSO) Road from barangay Magliman to the Mexico boundary where the SM Department Store and Robinsons Department Store are located. Aside from being the provincial capital, it is also the Regional Government Center of Central Luzon, where the Regional Development Council III (RDC-III) has set aside a portion of land for the Regional Offices of national agencies operating in the region. This has been a major influence in the economic development of the city.

No one can also dispute the fact that the Giant Lantern Festival of San Fernando is the event the province of Pampanga is known for. And it is because of these giant lanterns and the San Fernando lantern-making industry that the City of San Fernando has been dubbed the "Christmas Capital of the Philippines."

As a city with bright lights and bright future, CareHealth Plus saw this as an opportunity to enter the Kapampangan market. Bringing in the light for CareHealth Plus – San Fernando Proper Branch is Nelia Miranda and her well-equipped team to take the Kapampangans into the path of excellent health.