“Ormocanon” is the demonym (colloquial appellation) for a native bona fide resident of the city of Ormoc, situated along Southern Leyte.

In the recent past, Ormocanons have displayed their resiliency as a community after having gone through heart-rending desolations.  In November 1991, heavy rains triggered flash floods of mud and logs from the denuded mountain forests killing nearly 8,000 people.  In November 2013, the city was again devastated by the Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name, Haiyan).  The never-say-die spirit of Ormocanons has largely contributed to their city’s rise from overwhelming odds to its present progress.  Being a seacoast city, Ormoc has regained its featured monicker, “Beauty by the Bay.”

The beauty of Ormoc is exemplified by the city’s government led by popular swordsman and hunk actor, Richard Gomez, serving as City Mayor and supported by his lovely wife, the Junoesque Lucy Torres, as Congresswoman for the 4th district of Leyte.

CareHealth Plus-Ormoc cashed in on the ongoing economic progress of the city, opening its branch office in the latter part of 2017.  The personable Assistant Branch Manager Leslie Zacarias led the stellar team of Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors.  The branch holds office at the 2nd Floor of the LM CITILANE Building along Aviles Street, Ormoc City with email address ormocbranch@carehealthplus.com.

CareHealth Plus-Ormoc takes its continuing strength from the direct supervision of Central Visayas Division Head Leonardo Sison, Senior Assistant Vice President, working in close coordination with the region’s Marketing Group Head, Ronald D. Acololca, Jr., Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer.

In the Cebuano dialect, Ormoc is called Dakbayan sa Ormoc; in Waray, it is known as Syudad han Ormoc.  Wikipedia confirms that the city’s name is derived from ogmok, an archaic Visayan term for “lowland” or “depressed plain.”

Ormoc is famous for its annual Thanksgiving Festival in June called the Pina Festival in honor of the city’s patron saints Peter and Paul manifesting the community’s deep gratitude for the city’s bountiful pineapple harvest.