DRP is our company’s sales administration alpha code for CareHealth Plus-Direct Rizal Park branch office.  It remains steadfast as one of the Top 3 branch offices nationwide breaking sales expectations on a month-to-month basis.  CareHealth Plus-DRP is where Senior Manager Marlon Bunda holds sway.

Adjacent to Luneta or Rizal Park, Manila’s acclaimed promenade, CareHealth Plus-DRP is strategically located at the Ground Floor of the Don Luis building along T.M. Kalaw corner Maria Orosa Streets in Ermita, Manila.  The area is the mecca for leisure, business and commercial establishments for which Ermita district is known for.  Not surprisingly, the area is a haven for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) notably in the maritime industry who frequent the myriad overseas placement bureaus and recruitment agencies populating the bustling district.

CareHealth Plus-DRP similarly bustles in a beehive of activities with a good number of sales personnel manning the branch along with a most active and vibrant Sales Agency Manager, Valerie Badol.

CareHealth Plus-DRP operates under the aegis of Area Marketing Manager Mark Anthony A. Arciga, Assistant Vice President.