Popularly acknowledged as the “Gateway to Northwestern Mindanao,” Ozamiz City similarly became the portal for CareHealth Plus – Ozamiz to open its doors to the region as early as the company’s inception during the 3rd quarter of 2015

Pioneer Branch Manager Antolin “Tony” S. Lamason initiated the spadework for establishing the branch, pumping in personal resources for the start-up company of CareHealth Plus. With deep commitment, BM Tony laid the foundation of CareHealth’s endeavors in Northern Mindanao

Inarguably, Ozamiz is rich in agricultural resources.  This has not diminished the city’s thrust towards becoming the center for commerce, health, transportation, and education in Northwestern Mindanao, owing to its strategic location and its peaceful atmosphere. Ozamiz deserves its alternative title of “Gem of the Pangui Bay” in reference to the city’s local port which is recognized as the principal buzzing outlet for the trade and commerce of agricultural and forest products including the transport of mineral deposits to and from the nearby provinces of Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Maguindanao and various parts of Lanao del Norte, and Lanao del Sur.

BM Tony (presently Division Head) shares his mission statement for CareHealth Plus – Ozamiz:  “…we have our hands full in ascertaining that our Company’s vision of “Total Lifecare for All” is disseminated in our local community amid the prevailing economic surge in our diverse business environments

Assisting Division Head Tony in accomplishing his avowed mission is a fully-staffed branch office – Branch Manager Leizel Ala-al and as Care & Operation Assistant, Mary Coronado

CareHealth Plus – Ozamiz prominently holds office at the Lkt Bldg. 2nd Floor Manabay Highway, Ozamiz City with email address ozamizbranch@carehealthplus.com.

Overall operations of the branch are monitored closely by Marketing Group Head Magi M. Martinez, Vice President.