Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Account Questions


1.) What is the availment procedure to purchase a CareHealth Plus individual program?

  • Anyone who wants to become a Member of CareHealth Plus must be aged 7 to 65 years old.
  • Prospects must have a valid I.D.
  • Filled-up application form
  • Latest 2x2 photo

CareHealth Plus will coordinate with the Prospect for a formal sales presentation of the healthcare program by CareHealth Plus’ Sales Counselors or Area Marketing Consultants.

2.) How long does it take to complete the processing of a CareHealth Plus Individual Program?

The standard processing time by CareHealth Plus of the Individual Program will involve a minimum number of Ten (10) working days from CareHealth Plus’ receipt of the duly accomplished documents together with the required Official Receipt (OR) of initial payment.   The effectivity date of the Individual Program shall be the date of the Official Receipt of initial payment. 

3.) What if I missed to pay my CareHealth Plus individual program?

A grace period of One (1) month from the due date of installment payment is given by CareHealth Plus. Failure to pay within this One (1) month grace period will put the Account under a delinquent status. 

During delinquency, Program benefits are suspended until the corresponding payment is made.

4.) What will happen if I terminate my individual contract with CareHealth Plus?

Termination of the Individual Contract with CareHealth Plus effectively renders the contract null and void.  The provisions on Plan Termiantion Value will apply.

5.) Can I still apply for another CareHealth Plus program after I terminate my first program?

CareHealth Plus will welcome new applications for membership after Termination of the first or previous plan.

6.) What are the requirements for reimbursement procedures?

The following submissions will be required:

  • Duly accomplished Reimbursement Form
  • Official Receipts
  • Photocopy of previous CareHealth Plus Card

All submissions should be made within Thirty (30) days from date of request. 

7.) Which hospitals and clinics are affiliated with CareHealth Plus?

For your immediate reference, you may always check on the updated list of our affiliated medical service providers nationwide, posted here on this link.

8.) What is LOA and why it is important?

LOA stands for Letter of Authorization issued by CareHealth Plus to the Member.  It provides specific details on the Member’s healthcare program.  The LOA is issued by Carehealth Plus at the request of the Member before actual availment of medical service.  The LOA is presented to CareHealth Plus' affiliated medical service provider at any time of availment by the Member.  The LOA serves as proof that CareHealth Plus guarantees the payment of the medical services specified for the Member.

9.) What is PAN and why it is important?

PAN refers to Prior Authorization Number.  It serves as additional proof that medical service availment by the Member has been duly approved by CareHealth Plus.  Similar to the LOA, the Member is required to secure the PAN from CareHealth Plus before actual availment of medical services.  In the event the Member is unable to present the PAN upon availment of medical services, the affiliated medical service provider secures the PAN by coordinating the same with CareHealth Plus.

10.) Can I have multiple CareHealth Plus programs?

Multiple health care programs can be availed by any individual at any one time.

11.) Aside from being a CareHealth Plus Member, can I also be a CareHealth Plus sales counselor?

CareHealth Plus will always welcome anyone desiring to join our growing family of Health Counselors nationwide.  You may get in touch with any of our branch offices located near your location to assist you.

12.) How to pay online for my CareHealth Plus program during this pandemic?

Online transactions are highly recommended and are actually the in-thing especially during our present New Normal.  Online payments may be transacted through CareHealth Plus’ accredited banks.  These transactions will be validated subsequently by our respective departments at our Corporate Center. 

To pay online, follow the instructions in this link

13.) How to claim for my CareHealth Plus program during this pandemic?

CareHealth Plus is on-call 24/7. You may get in touch with us through any of our Landline and Mobile Numbers posted here at our website www.carehealthplus.com.

14.) What if I couldn’t pay for my CareHealth Plus program during this pandemic and
can I still claim anything?

Non-payment or failure to pay the required installment payment will result into a delinquency of plan payments and a suspension of availment benefits.   Delinquency in payments may lead to lapsation of the individual program resulting to termination of all plan availment benefits.

15.) What are CareHealth Plus’ contact numbers?

Our Company’s Landline and Mobile numbers for each of our departments are posted at our website.  Our office personnel will be glad to be of service and to entertain inquiries and calls from Members.

Follow this link to see our contact numbers for different departments or you can message us through CareHealth Assistance