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How to Claim for your Program during this Pandemic?

Many insurance claims involve person-to-person contacts that may be restricted or affected during the pandemic. For example, insurers may not be able to send an adjuster to investigate a home or auto claim. Wait times to get an agent on the phone may be longer. Third parties that play a role in damage claims, such as contractors and car repair shops, may be closed or keeping limited hours.

Because of this, one of the big things we're seeing changing is how consumers file claims, both for home and auto insurance. Some insurers are transitioning to allowing their policyholders to file virtual claims. 

EInsurers are offering new whole life and term life policies during the pandemic, but getting covered could take longer and cost more than it did before the outbreak began, according to Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO of the online insurance marketplace Policygenius. We've seen some life  insurance carriers raise rates and we expect more to follow suit.

“Insurers are likely to consider a number of coronavirus-related questions in weighing new life insurance policies and may delay applications if, for example, you've recently traveled to a coronavirus hot spot or had close contact with someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Another wrinkle: Some life insurance policies require an in-person medical exam, so the process will be delayed if you live in a state where such visits are restricted by stay-at-home orders. You can shop for no-exam policies, but they tend to have higher premiums and lower benefits.