Flash Report


By: Maria Inez B. Nicolas
Senior Assistant Vice President & Group Marketing Head 

Themed “Kick-Off to a New Normal,” the CareHealth Plus National Marketing Conference was held in the company’s 2 Corporate Headquarters. The confab was the very first face-to-face meeting after 2 years of restricted mobility and stringent lockdowns brought on by the now waning COVID-19 pandemic.

The 4-days-3-nights activity started on March 4 with no less than 80 marketing heads, officers and department managers present. Attendance swelled on the second day until the last day in March 7 with close to 110 heads locking horns during the backbreaking event necessitating the transfer of venue. “Backbreaking” is in fact an understatement. The conference was strenuously exhausting from the start, lasting close to 15 hours per day as it

stretched out into the wee hours of the night. Jumpstarting the affair was President GMM’s levelling of expectations from the attendees, ushering in the working mantra for the company’s 7th year - “Performance-driven @7!” The slogan thus became a clarion call for everyone to focus on recovering lost ground from the previous 2-years hiatus in the face of the dreaded pandemic’s resultant setbacks in marketing activities notably in sales productivity and manpower requirements. A cursory review of past performance during the COVID years became mandatory along with the more significant projections for this year’s performance in both sales and manpower requirements. Each marketing head (Branch Manager, Area and Group Head) took to the floor presenting both a review of operations and the more detailed sales projections for the respective marketing teams under their wings. Much to the surprise of everyone, final projections more than doubled initial expectations paving the way for more breakthroughs in the levels of performance pledged by each team for the year 2022.To support and deliver what was pledged, strategies were mapped out for a swift manpower build-up through the appointment of General Agencies, Brokers and establishment of satellite offices nationwide.  Group business and Direct Marketing were highlighted as major market segments with high potentials.  The Group Marketing Department presented the various market shares of each region in the previous years as well as the unique ways of harnessing such business for the present marketing period.  Group business and corporate accounts thus became the acclaimed strategy for the year.Enhancing further the said strategies was a detailed review of sales drives and incentives in store for the marketing year 2022.

Foremost in the company’s mission is the overall welfare and satisfaction of Members in the delivery of guaranteed medical services. The Fulfilment Care Department came up with schemes to facilitate such services. In addition to the department’s tasks, Area Marketing Consultants were empowered to closely monitor availment and servicing of group accounts assigned to each one. A more personalized service became the focus of all AMCs nationwide. Still in line with the company’s focus on facilitating medical requirements of Members, the mechanization of availment services became the center of undivided attention. Lengthy presentations by the Information Technology staff on the procedures on availments and Letters of Authorization concluded with the adoption of Electronic LOAs (E-LOA) from the Fulfillment Care Department and authorized availment personnel communicating directly with medical service providers and Members to facilitate all requests for utilization.

The Kick-Off was one great opportunity to renew strengths of both the old and the handful new officers and heads of CareHealth Plus. A unified stand not only against COVID but more so in the face of challenging times ahead thus became the cornerstone of the company’s new slogan for 2022 – PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN @7!

1 – 2 – 3, 1 – 2 – 3 = PLUS!!!