Interestingly, Valenzuela City in Metro Manila takes pride in its unique “VC Cares Program” serving as scheme providing, among others, a healthcare incentive for the more needy constituents of the local community. The program jibes well with the vision of CareHealth Plus – “Total Lifecare For All.”

The Vibrant City’s noble goal gave impetus for CareHealth Plus to open its doors at Room 1, Rivera Building, along Maysan Road, Valenzuela City with email address

Branch Manager Eduardo Ermino remains upbeat for the branch to slowly but surely become a paragon for healthcare consciousness in Valenzuela, nicknamed also as “The City of Discipline.” Sharing the same aspiration is the branch Care & Operations Assistant Lolita D. dela Cruz, RN.

Charting out and coordinating all activities of the branch and its dedicated sales organization are Division Head Khandido “Dindo” R. Mollo, Jr. and Marketing Group Head Magi M. Martinez, Vice President.

Paraphrasing the city’s motto: “Tayo Na, CareHealth Plus-Valenzuela!”

Trivia (from Wikipedia): 

  • Before 1960, Valenzuela was called “Polo” from the Tagalog term pulô, which means “island” or “islet.”


  • Although the area was not an island, the town of Polo was entirely surrounded by rivers, creating an impression of itself being an island.

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